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Eye care professionals specialize in understanding how the human eye really works, as well as diseases and conditions that affect your vision—many of which do not always have obvious symptoms. Eye doctors know how age and risk factors affect vision over time for young and old, and they understand the benefits and features of corrective lenses, both as eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Our optometrists take the time to explain the results of your eye exam, describe your options and listen to your eye care needs. Because maintaining good eye health is an ongoing partnership, we encourage you to ask questions and share your health information, which could be vital to monitoring, diagnosing and treating potential vision problems.

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Dr. Virani is a Texas native. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology and minor in business administration from The University of Texas at Austin. After completing her undergraduate studies she began her optometric education at Nova Southeastern University where she received a Doctorate in Optometry and a Bachelor of Science in Vision Science. Dr. Virani is proficient in all areas of optometry including; binocular vision, contact lenses, geriatrics, ocular disease, pediatrics and primary care. Dr. Virani also co-manages many patients who have complex medical histories with local ophthalmologists. Some of these conditions include diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, cataracts and macular degeneration amongst others.

While Dr. Virani focuses her practice on primary care and contact lens fittings she also places an emphasis on preventative eye care and visual comfort at the work place. She is trained and licensed to use diagnostic and therapeutic pharmaceuticals for the treatment and management of various eye conditions. Dr. Virani is fluent in Spanish, Hindi, Gujarati, and Urdu.

As part of her commitment to quality care Dr. Virani takes special interest in continuing optometric education. Dr. Virani is an active member of the American Optometric Association (AOA) and Florida Optometric Association (FOA). Dr. Virani feels passionately about giving back to the community; She actively participates in community service programs and in charitable organizations such as Onesight and Lions Club. These are vision care program dedicated to improving vision through outreach, research and education. When she is not helping patients, Dr. Virani enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, cooking, and reading.

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Dr. Viken Manguikian

DR MANGUIKIANDr. Viken Manguikian has been in practice since 2000. Joined alafaya vision center in 2015. He received his Optometric degree from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale. Prior to his career as an Optometrist, he held an Electrical and Computer Engineering Bachelor degree from SUNY at Buffalo where he grew up. A decade into his first career as an Electrical Engineer with Lockheed-Martin Aerospace Organization in central Orlando, he ventured out to pursue his other interests in the Healthcare industry.

For the past decade, Dr Viken Manguikian has been employed with central florida based ophthalmological group involved in medical aspect of eye care. Although his main area of expertise has been Cornea and contact lens service, Dry eye disease, contact lens related complications, difficult contact lens fittings, he also co-managed Cataract surgery, LASIK, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Vitreo-Retinal disorders, Macular degeneration, neuro-ophthalmic dysfunctions to name a few. His current focus is primary and family care optometry. Providing individualized approach eye care, taking initiative to address vision care as it related to general wellness and quality of life. Lastly, Dr Viken Manguikian has a well-established relationship with network of ophthalmologists over the years should you require urgent care of a specialist.

Almost a native Floridian, as he has been living in Orlando since 1985, Dr Viken Manguikian enjoys the Florida weather especially during the spring and winter seasons. An outdoorsman by nature, his passions include outdoor family time, cycling, biking, autocross, and playing chase with one very special golden retriever.

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Dr. Brian Runda

Dr. Runda is an Optometrist who grew up in the Central Florida area. He began his undergraduate education at the University of Florida, where he received a Bachelor of Music Performance. After deciding that he could help people more as a medical professional than by playing the saxophone, he attended Nova Southeastern University. There he received his Doctorate in Optometry.

Dr. Runda has long been a part of the Orlando community and completed externship rotations at the Orlando VA as well as the Filutowski Lasik and Cataract Center. He enjoys providing comprehensive eye care with a special focus on contact lens fittings.

He is a member of the American Optometric and Florida Optometric Associations and is committed to excellence through continuing education. When not tending to the needs of his patients, he enjoys taking advantage of the beautiful weather to go cycling, play tennis and waterski. Dr. Runda and his wife enjoy international travel, most recently visiting Bangladesh, Bali and Thailand.


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