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Dr. Viken Manguikian

DR MANGUIKIANDr. Viken Manguikian has been in practice since 2000. Joined alafaya vision center in 2015. He received his Optometric degree from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale. Prior to his career as an Optometrist, he held an Electrical and Computer Engineering Bachelor degree from SUNY at Buffalo where he grew up. A decade into his first career as an Electrical Engineer with Lockheed-Martin Aerospace Organization in central Orlando, he ventured out to pursue his other interests in the Healthcare industry.

For the past decade, Dr Viken Manguikian has been employed with central florida based ophthalmological group involved in medical aspect of eye care. Although his main area of expertise has been Cornea and contact lens service, Dry eye disease, contact lens related complications, difficult contact lens fittings, he also co-managed Cataract surgery, LASIK, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Vitreo-Retinal disorders, Macular degeneration, neuro-ophthalmic dysfunctions to name a few. His current focus is primary and family care optometry. Providing individualized approach eye care, taking initiative to address vision care as it related to general wellness and quality of life. Lastly, Dr Viken Manguikian has a well-established relationship with network of ophthalmologists over the years should you require urgent care of a specialist.

Almost a native Floridian, as he has been living in Orlando since 1985, Dr Viken Manguikian enjoys the Florida weather especially during the spring and winter seasons. An outdoorsman by nature, his passions include outdoor family time, cycling, biking, autocross, and playing chase with one very special golden retriever.

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